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Plant Quarantine Act 1997

Revocation of Declaration of Control Areas

Revocation of Declaration of Control Areas

Plant Quarantine Act 1997

Section 29


Part A - Revocation

I, Andrew Christian Bishop, delegate to the Secretary of the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment under section 7 of the Plant Quarantine Act 1997 (the Act), do hereby revoke pursuant to section 29(3) of the Act, the declarations made on 20 March 2015 of the control areas specified in Part B of this Notice, including all restrictions, conditions or requirements imposed under the Act in respect of those control areas.


Part B – Control areas revoked by this notice

The entirety of all control areas within Tasmania as specified in Annexure 1 and including the entirety of the geographic area comprising council municipalities of:

  1. Brighton, Central Highlands, Clarence City, Derwent Valley, Glamorgan Spring Bay, Glenorchy City, Hobart City, Huon Valley, Kingborough, Sorell, Southern Midlands and Tasman (Southern region);
  2. Break O’Day, Dorset, Flinders, George Town, Launceston City, Meander Valley, Northern Midlands and West Tamar (Northern region); and
  3. Kentish, Latrobe, Devonport City, Central Coast, Burnie City, Waratah Wynyard, Circular Head, West Coast and King Island (North West region).


Part C – Date of this Revocation

This Revocation Notice takes effect this day.


Dated XX April 2017.




Andrew Bishop

Chief Plant Health Manager


Delegate to the Secretary



Annexure 1 (page 1): Control Areas revoked by this notice


Annexure 1 (page 2): Control Areas revoked by this notice


Annexure 1 (page 3): Control Areas revoked by this notice