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Irrigation Water Restriction -South Esk River and tributaries upstream of Macquarie River (excluding the St Pauls and the Nile River)

Notice under section 94 of the Water Management Act 1999

As river flow has dropped below the Stage 4 Restriction value set by the South Esk River Catchment Water Management Plan, I Stephen Pryor pursuant to my delegated powers under Section 10(1) of the Water Management Act 1999, hereby give notice to Restrict the taking of water from the South Esk River and Tributaries upstream of the Macquarie River excluding the Nile River.


Except upon the written permission of the Minister or a person delegated on that behalf by the Minister, licence holders on the South Esk River are restricted to 50% of maximum daily take Surety 5 and Nil take Surety 6 allocation and licence holders on the Break O Day River are restricted to Nil take Surety 5 and Nil take Surety 6.  This notice takes effect at midday 9 February 2018 and will remain in force until midday 23 February 2018.



Stephen Pryor

Regional Water Management Officer



  1. DPIPWE will be regularly monitoring this stream while this restriction notice is in effect. Failure to comply with this notice could result in the application of prescribed penalties.